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Primitive Folk Art

I love to paint, I like to think it keeps me sane! I took up doll making this past summer, there's just something about these Primitive Dolls!

The first picture is Liza Jane, she was made during a Fallen Angel Swap on the Primitive Gals BB. This one is very special to me, Liza Jane was created with things that 17 women from the BB sent me. From the dog hair used for her hair, to her linen bloomers! She holds a magical bag of friendship, inside you'll find spices from Mich. to lace from Texas! the idea behind the swap, was to make one, and send out to someone on the BB, after creating her, thinking of all the ladies who had mailed things to me, I just couldn't give her away!

The others are all "My First" my first Annie, painted doll, Glory and first "plump" doll...Grandma Hooters!

The pictures of painted pieces are things I decided to keep for myself. Sure wish I had a picture of all things I had painted over the years!

I am also trying my hand at making Primitive Graphics with Paintshop Pro5. The grahic below is not my first, but the first one I would actually put on a web page! Making a mouse do what you want it to do is just as hard as using a real paint brush.Here they are if you want to see!


primitive heart

fallena annie
glory gmhootr

primitive heart

bfence doyrbest
flag whour

primitive heart

As a Professional Crafter, it is a growing concern of mine that the Imported Crafts are putting US, the American Crafter out of work. I see no way we can compete with the prices. Plus, it seems like as soon as a new trend takes off, within months we can find it at any of the local stores with a Made in China and other countries sticker on it. I have created a poll, please take the time to fill it out. Just a few simple questions, so it won't take up much of your time. You can also see the results of this poll if you wish. Follow the links below.

Is Handmade in America a thing of the Past?
Results: Handmade in America a thing of the Past?

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