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It's a Dog's Life....

Hi, My name is Cooler. What can I say? The Lady wanted me to have my very own page.Why? I have no idea!

I am 6 years old and have lived with the Bennett's for over 5 years. We sorta saved each other. The Lady was looking for a Big Black Dog to scare off the "Bad Guy's" and I was looking for a home that would love me. I have to say, it worked out pretty good.

This Military Life Style isn't only hard on humans, heck, think about us poor animals...just when it feels like home they are packing us up and moving us out all over again. I thought I was in Squirrel Heaven in N.C., I had this huge fenced in back yard, and all the squirrels a dog could chase. Next thing I knew, all these STRANGERS were in the house making all kinds of noise. I have to admit, I had fun scaring that one man, he made it to easy. Grrrrr! But it wasn't all bad, the Lady had moved us to another place where I had NO Fence! A dog could run hard and fast there! the Lady liked to throw Pine Cones, and I would go pick them up for her. She got the biggest kick out of this...I don't know about these Humans. Yep, life was good there. Not that many squirrels to chase, but big fields to run in. What more could a dog ask for?

I should have known, a good thing can't last forever.

Well, after what seemed like forever we got to where they were going. The lady and family got to go inside a big building and I had to sleep in the van all night. That lady is some piece of work, she kept waking me up to see if I was ok! Anyway, to make a long story short, the next house we lived in has got to be a dogs worst nightmare. I had more room to run around Inside the house than Outside! Now, I ask you, is this any kinda way to treat a dog? It wasn't so bad, I did get to scare them same old people all the time. Don't know why they think a dog can't be trained to stay inside their yard! What fun! I'd run right to the edge of the yard, fur standing up on my back...never making a sound...the silent approach! I would come to a screaching halt at the edge of the yard! It worked every time! oh, the joy that brought this old dog. Had to pretend I was sorry for doing it when the Lady would yell at me, I'd put the tail between the legs and all,then she'd send me inside. Oh! if she only knew!