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  The monthly Coffee/Tea,or maybe like us you call it the Ladies Social, but whatever name you use, this monthly gathering of the women...You either Love them or Hate them. I was at one last month where another wife told me she thought they were, "Hell on Earth." This was the first one she had been to with us, so I politely told her to give us a chance. They aren't all like that!

  If you are a new Military Wife with the invitation there in front of you, I know just what you are thinking. You probably dread it and look forward to it at the same time. Hopefully you will know someone else who will either go with you or meet you there. Just remember, no matter what ANYONE says, wives have NO rank.

  Oh, you will no doubt run across a few who "think" they wear their husbands rank, but in the big scheme of things, those ladies don't count. Not worth the worry you might waste on them. Take this piece of advice though, they are the ones you want to AVOID if at all possible. They normally like to talk about how great their husbands are, so you don't have to do much talking anyway. Just make sure you never tell them anything that might come back to haunt you.

  Now, if I haven't scared you off completely, these Socials CAN be lots of fun. Supposedly, these meetings are to put out Unit and Post information. They are oh, so much more. You will learn all sorts of things your husband either forgot to tell you, or things he didn't know about. From who is PCS'ing , who got promoted, what school is the best..... all the important things.

  What to wear? I think that is a woman's curse. We always worry about this. The first Coffee I ever went to, the Ladies were dressed in their Sunday Best. I actually thought about going out and buying clothes just to go to these meetings! Crazy? yes I was! I didn't do it,we couldn't afford it even if I had wanted to. But...I told myself then, when it is MY turn, I will make sure no one is uncomfortable, and no one will feel like they need to go buy new clothes just to fit in at these meetings.

  Personally, I think it is the Commander's Wife who sets the tone of these meetings. If she is Uptight and Impersonal, that is okay too! You will no doubt, spot someone in the group that is "like" you. Go to the meetings anyway, let her say her little spiel and HAVE FUN! someone in that group will have lots in common with you. Plus, the next function you go to, you will know someone!

  It is finally my turn, I get to set the tone of the meetings. Laugh with me now! It's 1999, and I have nothing against dressing up and bringing out the fine China, but my world is just to busy to go to those lengths in the middle of the week. Sure for special occasions, but for a Ladies Social, I don't think so.I am very layed back, and want everyone to have fun. I don't wear my raggedy jeans, but I do Love my Levis! while I am here, no one will feel like they should go buy clothes for one our Coffees!

  This page is long enough already, so I think I will start a new one on things you can do at the Socials and some ideas on what you could feed the crowd.