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Those Ugly Quarters

   If you're one of the lucky ones, you are living in some of the new quarters that are going up on military post all over the world. If you are like me, LUCK has never been a part of your life, so you might be living in "Post Slums" or just a step away from being called a slum. From what I have heard, it sounds like a lot of the post are buidling new housing so one of these days, maybe I will get into one of the "new" quarters, in the mean time, I won't hold my breath!

    I have met women who have painted their homes, lots of people hate these white walls. Personally, when it comes time to PCS the last thing I want to have to do is repaint those walls back to how I found them.

    What you can do, you can find material that you like, soak it in liquid starch and using a sponge or squeege...put it on the wall like you would wall paper. I did this by the staircase when the kids were small, they had to touch the wall to get up the know how those little hand prints are.If you do this, make sure you get a material that doesn't have a hard pattern to match up when you need to put up the second piece of material. It's a lot like wall paper in that aspect. When the starch starts drying out, and looks like it wants to peel off the wall, just take your wet sponge on go back over it. Mine stayed up for 2 years, and when it was time to move all I had to do was peel it off the wall!