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Loving a Soldier...Is it Worth It?

heartcurl     They say the soldier is married to the military. So is the spouse. The Military Life is hard on everyone. The long separations, the constant moving,being a single parent most of the time, being poor in the high cost of living areas, the long distance phone bills. Marrying someone who is in the military is a huge decision and not to be taken lightly. I love being married, AND love being married to a soldier. I have met quite a few people who aren't cut out for this life style. You have to be in for the long haul. Know going in that you will be alone most of the time. Know that Marriage is a Work in Progress, and make sure that when the soldier retires and the kids have left home, you still love each other.
heartcurl     I'd follow my soldier to the ends of this earth. Is it hard being a military wife? Absolutely! Is it worth it? No doubt about it! Falling in love is the easy part..staying in love is what marriage is all about. We had to ask my husbands Commander, "When will be a good time to set the date?". Two weeks after the wedding he is TDY for 3 months. Home for a week or so...then gone again. He went TDY when I was 3 months pregnant, came home to see me 7 months pregnant...Ha! I tried to warn him about how big I was! He was home for the birth, but our son was 5 days old when Daddy left again for 3 months.
heartcurl     After 15 years, I have 100's of stories to tell. Like the week in 1994 when something BAD happened every day! That week the van broke down twice, I took it to the shop.It broke down again in rush hour traffic..I end up telling the mechanic,"if you read about some crazy woman torching a van! It will be me!" The next day is Field Day for the Kindergarten class. How was I to know I would have an allergic reaction to Red Kool-Aid? A husband TDY, 2 young kids and my body swollen up 3 times it's normal size. I couldn't take the medicine because the doctor said it would probably knock me, who could watch the kids if I am off in Never Never Land? The next day, still swollen, barely able to walk..we look outside and see a Water Moccasin slithering through the yard on it's way into our garage...I hobble out, and the snake takes off for the front door area....
heartcurl     I end up taking baby steps across the street to a neighbor begging for help! Her daughter went in search of a Man to come kill the snake. I was walking so slow, the Man was there with his ax before I could get back to my yard. The snake is dead, the kids were safe..and Daddy will be home the next day! We go to the Air Port to pick up Daddy! of course, his flight is late...late turned into 3 1/2 hours of waiting. I actually let my children run wild that night! I felt to bad to drive home just to turn around and go back. Yes, I still call that My Hell Week!
heartcurl Is it worth it? Sure! We CAN be Happily Married to the Military. If I still lived in Small Town, USA...married to a local boy...I would have missed out on so much. It's not even the adventures I have been on, the people I have met or the places I have seen. It is knowing that I can take care of Me and Mine! and I can do it Well! When there is no one there to help you, you have to help yourself. I can go anywhere and do anything, and do it by myself if I have to. I can talk to people from all walks of life. The Army Slogan..Be All You Can for the spouse as well. We can Be All That We Can BE!
Do you have a Story you would like to share? I'd love to hear from you!


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