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I hope you have lots of free time, you are going to need it! Check out all the great sites! If you would like to join our list, Here is where you need to go. But make sure you come back and check out all these wonderful places!

Do you use Rubber Stamps? If so, follow the link below to my new Rubber Stamp & Stationery Site!

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For all of you out there who work with you hands to make a living, the professional crafter or the ones who do it for a little money here and there...this graphic was made for you.Imported Finished Crafts will continue to saturate the market place, so lets show the world that what we do is Handmade in America! If you are from another country and would like your very own Handmade In..... drop me a line, I'll see what I can do.

Handmade in USA

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Primitive Graphics by Melissa Created July.1999