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   Ok, it's Coffee Time, or Ladies Social, whatever your group has decided to call it. It's your turn and you can't think of anything to "DO" to keep it fun and entertaining.

   I think the most important thing to remember is to make everyone feel Welcome. If you know there will be a new lady coming, give her a call ahead of time. You could even invite her to come a few minutes early so she won't have to walk into a room full of strangers.

   The best way to get a good turn out is to have some kind of activity planned. This could be from having a CPR Class, to offering some kind of craft class. If you offer a class where the ladies need to pay for their supplies, keep the cost down. You could even add the supply list to your invitation.

I will throw some ideas out for you. All it really takes is a good imagination!


That should do it for now, hopefully after reading this your imagination is running wild and you can't wait to sign up to host your next gathering!