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  We are exhausted. Physically and Mentally. Every move does this to us. This is the down time to get from the old house to the new. If we're lucky, we have days to work with. If not, we are trying to beat the truck to the next place. And, he normally has a head start. Now that we are a 2 car family, I feel like I chase my husband from state to state. With 2 kids, we each get one, and since I drive the van, I get the dog. When we moved this past summer, we left Virginia on a Saturday morning,he had to sign in at Ft. Benning,GA on Monday.

We were both sick by the time we got to NC, we stayed overnight with friends at Ft.Bragg. My husband on one couch, me on the other. That's another wonderful thing about the Military Life Stlye, a door is always open.The flu still with us, we make it to Ft.Benning the next day. Like most flu's it doesn't just strike one family tries hit everyone. That week, while my husband In-Processed sick, I was holed up in a hotel room with a dog, my son and I are unable to move,and my daughter climbing the walls.

Thank God, all moves aren't like that!

What is the same every move? No matter the age of your children, you are going to wonder and worry about how they will adjust to this move. When my son was 3 years old and we had just moved to Monterey, CA...with only his baby sister to play with, he told me, "Mommy, I need boys!" it broke my heart.When we moved to VA, and the neighborhood kids had all been born and raised together, they didn't make it easy on a new kid in the neighborhood. Watching my son, at this time he was 7 years old, cry for his old house and his friends broke my heart. So, no matter the age, as Mothers we are going to worry. Maybe it's just me, I worry about the kids being happy, worry about my husband liking his new job and the new boss. Wonder if that new Best Friend is out there waiting to meet me.

So what's a girl to do?

I get a grip, and shake those worries off. Buck UP! I tell myself, this too shall pass. We are back to the,"Here We go Again" mode. We have this unpacking down to an art. We can turn an empty apartment or house into home in 3 days. The first rooms put together? The kids, they need it to feel like Home.Now, I might not have everything just where I want it, but the boxes are unpacked, and it is liveable. Time to get on with our lives. When the kids tell me, I have no friends, I tell them neither do I. Let's go make some! I don't think a thing about walking up and knocking on a door and saying," Hi, my name is Melissa,I hear you have a son/daughter." Let me see a woman out in her yard, or even walking to her car, you better believe I am out the door introducing myself. "She" might not be the one, but it's a start.I think the best advice I ever got was when an Expierenced Military Wife told me that it takes a year to find that best friend. If we're lucky, we just might meet her right away.

The Soldier is back to normal duty hours, the kids know where the playground is.You know how to get to the Grocery Store and Discount Store without getting lost. You finally have time to sit down one night and watch a movie. Sit back and relax, you are Home.

Intermission is Over

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